Welcome to gho.aksw.org

Welcome to gho.aksw.org

The data contained in this dataset was extracted from WHO's Global Health Observatory (GHO) and is provided as Linked Data here.

GHO provides access to statistical data and analyses for important health problems, which is categorized by either country, indicator or topic. One such dataset contains statistical information of the mortality and burden of disease classified according to the death and DALY (disability-adjusted life year) estimates grouped by countries.

The GHO dataset was transformed from Excel spreadsheets to RDF using The RDF Data Cube Vocabulary and contains about 3 million triples. The data currently published is from the year 2004 and will be updated as and when GHO publishes new data. WHO allows reproduction of it's data for non-commercial purposes. For more information, see WHO Copyright notice.

If you want to browse the data, please use the links in the "navigation box" on the left side of the screen. Furthermore, it is possible to create your own SPARQL queries for obtaining lists of combined information. The RDF Dump can be downloaded from here. The VoiD file can be downloaded from here.

This dataset (http://gho.aksw.org/) was triplified and published by the research group AKSW (Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web). For further information about AKSW please visit our website.

Additional Information

  • SPARQL Endpoint: http://gho.aksw.org/sparql which can be queried via wget. It requires an HTTP header specification for JSON and a graph name. For example: wget -O filename.txt --header="Accept: application/sparql-results+json" http://gho.aksw.org/sparql?query="SELECT * FROM WHERE {?s ?p ?o} LIMIT 10"


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